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Pre-registration is required for all courses. Click the "Register Now" link at the end of the description to register online. Courses meet at InsightPV from 7:15 – 9 pm unless otherwise noted. There is a suggested registration contribution for classes, and also an opportunity to practice dana to the teachers. See more on registration information and cancellation policies below.

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Book Discussion Series
Waking Up White
Lore Detenber & Molly Keehn
5 Mondays, September 11 - October 9; 7:00-9:00pm
Suggested contribution: $40-60 registration + teacher donation

This series, utilizing the book Waking Up White: Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving, is designed to provide a supportive, educational environment for white people to explore our social conditioning associated with being members of a dominant group. Fear, confusion and vulnerability are welcome as we work together in addressing the pain of individual and systemic racism in an environment of mutual respect and care.

Grounded in Buddhist understanding, each session will include a period of meditation and open dialogue through small and large group discussion. No prior experience with this topic is necessary.

Participants are asked to make a commitment to attending ALL 5 sessions and reading the book. Please read the first three chapters before the first session. (Please contact IPV if you are unable to purchase the book or get it from your local library.)

Limited to 15 participants.

Lore Detenber is a long term Buddhist practitioner and a member of IPV's Beloved Community Builders group. Molly Keehn is a long term Social Justice Educator.

Taking Refuge, Being Refuge
Candace Cassin
5 Tuesdays, September 12 - October 10; 10:15am-12:00pm
Suggested contribution: $40-60 registration + teacher donation
So you want to be a bodhisattva but (fill in the blank) is not bringing out your wise and compassionate side, and equanimity is out the window? As householders, our lives are a continual movement between the solitary, silent, and contemplative aspects of practice, and our involvement in the world. The right balance will likely be different at different times, and sometimes we find ourselves out of balance. In this course, we will explore the meaning of “taking refuge” in the Buddha’s teaching, consider the aspects of practice and the teachings that particularly resource us, and discuss tools and teachings for living our practice “off the cushion” so that we may “be refuge” for other beings as well.

Perfections of the Heart: Paramis 2
Candace Cassin
5 Tuesdays, September 12 - October 10; 4:00-6:00pm
Suggested contribution: $40-60 registration + teacher donation
The ten paramis, or perfections of the heart, are spiritual qualities that are considered essential on the path of deepening love and wisdom. They are especially practical ways of embodying our practice in ordinary life. In this class, we will explore the second five paramis: patience, truthfulness, perseverance, kindness, and equanimity. It is not necessary to have attended Part 1 in order to participate.

Three Parts of the Path
Candace Cassin
5 Tuesdays, September 12 - October 10; 7:00-8:45pm
Suggested contribution: $40-60 registration + teacher donation
The Buddha considered generosity (dana), ethical living (sila), and mind/heart cultivation (bhavana) to be the three pillars of practice. When teaching lay people, he typically began with teaching generosity and ethical living. In the west, we usually begin our practice with meditation, i.e., mind/heart cultivation. In this class, we will explore all three parts of the path, with an emphasis on ethical living. In addition to the personal circumstances of our lives, in these social, ecological, and technological times, how we live our practice is one of our gifts to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. This is a core curriculum course.

Beginners/Beginners Mind Meditation
Kim Weeber
6 Sundays, September 24 - November 5; 10:00am - 12:00pm 
(note: no class on Oct 22)
Suggested contribution: $48-72 registration + teacher donation
This six-week class will offer an overview of the Buddha’s teachings on meditation and mindfulness in daily life. Suitable for beginners and those who wish to “begin again.”

Finding Our Ground in the Groundlessness of Life
Jean Esther
4 Mondays, October 16 - November 6; 7:15pm - 9:00pm
Suggested contribution: $32-48 registration + teacher donation
As we clear through delusional thinking, we come to greater and greater understanding of what the Buddha referred to as  the 3 characteristics of existence:  impermanence (anicca), unsatisfactoriness (dukkha), and the absence of a separate self (anatta). Through dharma talks, guided meditation, and group discussion, we will investigate these 3 characteristics as they reveal themselves in our lives. We will also  explore how the obstacles to peace that we tend to experience over and over again can become the very pathways to peace itself. Open to experienced and beginning students. This is a core curriculum course.
Registration will open by August 30.

A Year to Live
Peggy Gillespie
4 Mondays, November 13 - December 4; 7:15-8:45pm
Suggested contribution: $32-48 registration + teacher donation
This four-week course will focus on ways to deepen and strengthen our practice of awareness. We will explore whether we would change our lives in any way if this were our final year of life. And if so, in what ways? Given the uncertainty we all live in, no matter what age you are, YEAR TO LIVE can be a powerful way to deepen your practice of mindful awareness and presence. Suggested Reading: A Year to Live, by Stephen Levine.
Registration will open by September 30.

What the Buddha Taught About Breath Meditation
Kim Weeber
4 Tuesdays, November 28 - December 19; 6:45-8:15pm
Suggested contribution: $32-48 registration + teacher donation
Most of us have heard the instructions to "follow the breath" or "feel the sensations of the breath" when we first start to meditate. In the Ananpanasati Discourse, the Buddha gives detailed instructions on not just being aware of the breath, but directing our attention in particular ways so that we can deepen our practice and insight. Come explore other ways of practicing with the breath, and see how it can affect the body and mind. Best suited to people who have already done some basic practice.
Registration will open by September 30.


Registration Procedure

Pre-registration is required for all courses. One week before the course begins, if there are too few pre-registrants, the course may be cancelled at the discretion of the teacher. Unless otherwise stated, over-enrolled courses are first-come, first-served. A note will be placed on the website soon after the course is full to indicate that a Wait List has been started. Please pre-register to hold a place on the Wait List.

Please, pre-register for retreats on-line by clicking on the words "Register now!" below the course or retreat for which you wish to register. Follow the instructions provided at each step.

You may also download a hardcopy Pre-registration Form for Courses and Retreats by clicking Here. Please complete the form and mail it with your Donation for Registration to Insight PV at the address provided. You may also bring the form with your Donation for Registration to Insight PV if you come to another offering before registration closes.

If you are interested in taking a course but have not pre-registered by one week before the start, please pre-register anyway or send an email expressing your interest to registration@insightpv.org. We will refund donations for any offerings that cancel. You may register at the door, IF the course is not full or has not been cancelled.

On-line pre-registration and pre-payment is strongly encouraged, but Insight PV continues its policy of welcoming all, no matter their financial situation. If the suggested contribution is beyond your means, please just let us know for our own income-tracking purposes. If your funds are very limited, please save them for a contribution to the Teacher.

Please, plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start time for the course in order to get settled and ready to start.

If you cannot make the first class you may have an opportunity to sign up, space permitting, at the second class. Courses are offered as a series of classes. For the purposes of building community among the partipants and continuity in the offering, courses are not open on a drop-in basis.

Registration and Teacher Donations

Insight PV suggests donation ranges for each course and retreat to help support the Center, paying for rent, phone, and administration. Teachers and community dharma leaders at Insight PV are not paid for leading courses and retreats. While a dollar amount is not specified for a Teacher Donation, we encourage you to consider making a contribution equal to or greater than the Suggested Donation for Registration. In this way, you support the teacher’s livelihood and the Buddhist tradition of offering the teachings freely.

For each retreat, course, or open sitting, please take a moment to reflect on the value of the offering to you and make an appropriate donation. Insight PV continues its policy of welcoming all, no matter their financial situation. If the Suggested Donation is beyond your means, please just let us know when you register. If your funds are very limited, please save them for a contribution to the Teacher.

Open sittings have no suggested donation, but a box or basket is available for your donations to Insight PV and/or the teacher. All forms of generosity are welcome at Insight PV. Please consider donating your time to help your Center continue to operate with open arms.


You may want to consider ridesharing to an event or ongoing class. Martin Urbel coordinates ridesharing to Insight PV events. If you are interested, please contact him at urbel@comcast.net.


Cancellations for Insight PV Classes

If a class is cancelled because of bad weather or teacher illness and cannot be replaced, participants will be offered a refund.  If there is a question about snow or other weather-related cancellations, please call Insight PV at 413-527-0388 and check the Cancellation Mailbox after 3:00 pm.  Also, the Calendar on the website will list that a class is cancelled.